Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another new post!

Two days in a row! I think I am on a roll here!!
Ok, so I still need to give you more updates. We still have the houseboat and are still working on getting it finished. It is still in Atlanta and we are working on getting it moved to Texas. We will move it to Lubbock and then get the rest of the work done and then move it again to a lake. Still thinking about Lake Lewisville in the Dallas area but we will see what happens when the time comes for that. It is still quite a ways off.
I mentioned that I am going to school for Massage Therapy. I found a great school here in Lubbock. I have been taking the night classes which are every Tuesday and Thursday from 1800-2200 and then every other Saturday from 0800-1600. The night classes take a year so I have about 3 months left. Some nights it is all I can do to concentrate since I get up at 0330 for work. So nights that I have class are usually 18-19 hour days. I get home and get in bed by 2230 and am back up at 0330. This girl needs more than 5 hours of sleep a night! but I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end.
One thing that I learned about Massage Therapy is that is is WAY more involved than I thought it would be. I mean, I thought, "Hey. I'm gonna go to school and learn how to give an awesome massage. No Problem!" Boy, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I probably would never have attempted this if I had known ahead of time how involved it was. But, here I am. Since you have to have a license from the state to be a Massage Therapist (or LMT Licensed Massage Therapist) you have to be licensed through the health department. A massage therapist is part of the medical field. So, I have to learn Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, and Kinesiology. Holy Cow! And of course the business classes and technique classes and different types of modalities of massage. There is the most common, Swedish Massage. But then there are other things that you can do such as Thai Massage, which is more of a stretching type of massage, or you can do hot rocks, Reiki (which is energy work), Myofacial, Trigger Point and the list goes on. Crazy! So far we are all taught the Swedish, which is what all LMT's do. But then we can specialize in other modalities. I am really interested in Energy work and Thai massage. Both have to to with realigning your body. But there is more to it than that. It is aligning your energy and Chakras and auras. I find it all fascinating but a little out there. Kinda New Age-ish. But it is still interesting and I will say that I am skeptically optimistic about the kind of work that can be done in the Energy fields.
Well, I had class last night, Kinesiology, and I worked this morning. I delivered in Amarillo and Plainview today. I got up to the Hastings Distribution center in Amarillo around 0730. I had 10 pallets for them. In Amarillo, we usually have two drivers. It is divided into East and West routes. Today I had West but it was a short day. After Hastings I only had 5 stops in Amarillo. then I headed back to Lubbock stopping in Tulia for fuel and in Plainview for my last 3 stops. I was back to the warehouse by about 1225 and doen with cleaning my truck and doing my paperwork by 1245. That means I made it home by 1300 and my short day was only an 8 hour work day! Usually they are 11-12 hours, so I will take an 8 hour day whenever I can.
Tomorrow they have me doing what they call the Shuttle Run. I will be going to Turkey, Silverton, Floydada, Ralls, Crosbyton, Lockney and Petersburg. Turkey is about 2 hours away so I think I am going to leave Lubbock around 0700. I have one of the new guys riding with me tomorrow. He isn't the newest and he is kinda already trained but tomorrow is a slow day so I guess they are just trying to give him hours to make his 40. Joe will be going up to Amarillo with Jason. Joe hasn't done Amarillo a whole lot so it will be good for him to go with Jason. I don't think it is a lot of stops, or they could have split it up and given Joe West and Jason East, but I guess they figure it will take longer if they go together and do all the stops instead of splitting them so they can get their hours. Sometimes I wonder why I bother guessing why they do what they do. Because they never do what you think they will do when it comes to scheduling.
One thing I do really like about this job though is that I don't have anyone watching over my shoulder. I was dreading having to report to someone after being my own boss for the last 4 years. But they really don't do that here and it is nice. For instance, each evening I line out my stops for the next day. That means I put my tickets in the order that I want to make my deliveries, and then that night the warehouse loads the truck. They next day I show up, get my truck and go. When I am done, I come back, clean out my truck, do my paperwork and leave. Of course I get the occasional calls but I don't have anyone telling me how to do my job. It is really nice.
I guess that is all for today. Hopefully there will be more to come tomorrow. I do have class so whether or not I blog will depend on my schedule. Have a great evening!

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