Monday, March 31, 2008

Prime Day One

What an early start after such a long day yesterday on the bus. Got up this morning at 0545 and got ready and headed down to the cafe. Had a really good BLT and J had his normal eggs, bacon, potatoes and gravy. Decent breakfast.

From there we headed into orientation. OMG! So much freaking paperwork. UHGGGG!!! I really need to get a stamp with my name, SSN,DOB and a slot to put in the current date. I had writers cramp after only about 15 minutes. Filled out the long form application, got out meal tickets, got fingerprinted, then headed over for our drug screen/medical and our "interview" which consisted of going over our application to make sure we hadn't left anything out and that they didn't have any other questions. I got in and got my interview done first because I couldn't pee. I know that sounds funny, but after being sick this weekend, I was still dehydrated and I was drinking cup after cup of coke and tea and still couldn't hardly go to the bathroom. Finally went in for the medical and drug screen and was able to give them exactly 1/2 the cup of urine. After all that drinking, that was all I could produce! But it was enough and we got that finished.

Because there are so many of us in this class there were two "Maintenance" classes set up for this afternoon. We, unfortunately, made the late class at 1600 hrs which didn't put us back to the hotel until around 2000 hrs. The "maintenance" class, which is WAY TO LONG for experienced drivers, lasted about 3.5 hours. It would have been great for someone just starting out, but the one video is of how to do a pre-trip and it takes 1 hour and 47 minutes and it a little redundant for experienced drivers. The one good thing on there is how to operate a reefer if that is something you are new to, but there is another class on reefer operation on Wednesday that will cover that more in depth.

After class we at at the Millineum Building. VERY nice building and the food was really good. Super nice facility and I can't wait to see more of it. They told us we could go to Leasing and see if they had any trucks available for us to look at but the didn't so we will have to wait. I do have to say that the trucks look wierd without the side fairings. I'm not used to seeing the fuel tanks and having all that open space between them and the back of the truck. I can't imagine that is good for fuel mileage. Probably getting a side box would help with that. Or maybe it would make it worse? I don't have any idea.

That is it for today. It is after 2100 and we have to be up at 0545 again. Not sure what is on the agenda tomorrow and I am too damn tired to get up and look. I'll let you know tomorrow evening how it's going. Tonight I am going to dream about what color truck I want......

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Made it to Springfield,MO

But first, let me tell you about the weekend. When I left off last, J had gone to drop off the truck at the Schneider Dallas OC. Well, he made it home, but not before I started throwing up. And when he got home, I kept throwing up. Seems I got a bad case of food poisoning from my favorite little mexican food restaurant. I threw up until 0430 Saturday morning and it started about 1830 on Friday afternoon. It was not fun. And, I know this is TMI, but it was one of those kind of sicks where it comes out both ends. We ended up taking one of the memory foam mattresses from the truck and putting it in the bathroom and that is where I slept. You may laugh, but it was the only way to make sure I made it to the toilet on time!

Ok, so Saturday was spent with me doing absolutely nothing since I had NO energy. J was awesome and got everything done and packed for us to leave. He is just the greatest. I love that man! Anyway, around 1800 we left the house and headed into Garland to spend the night with a friend of ours that took us to the bus station this morning. Made it to the bus station on time, got on a VERY crowded bus. We couldn't even sit together. After about 3 stops we got a seat together. We had to change buses in Tulsa,OK and they had over booked by 22 people. So we were stuck in Tulsa about 2 hours waiting on them to get another bus to take the rest of us that leg of the route. We made it in to Springfield about 1800 tonight and I have never been so happy to see a hotel room. Nothing fancy, but it is clean. And since we have a king bed, the room seems a little bigger than it probably would if it had double beds in it. We have to be at orientation at 0700 in the morning. I'll post more tomorrow on how that goes. I don't see any problems. We are just excited to be here and get started. But more than anything, after being sick all weekend and then this bus ride, we are just ready for a good nights sleep.

That is what is going on with us. I'll update again tomorrow.

Friday, March 28, 2008

So ends one chapter....

Well, today was our last day with Schneider. Kinda sad considering just over a year ago I had never even been up close to a semi. Then we got a wild hair up our ass and decided to quit our careers in law enforcement to go tour the country in a truck. What the HELL were we thinking? But you know what? We fell in love with the trucking lifestyle and can't believe we didn't do this sooner.

We have had a great experience with Schneider so I can't say anything bad about them. We have top notch training, we ended up with a practically new truck, they have great facilities throughout the country. The deal breaker was really two things. One was that they didn't allow pets. If you have been keeping up with my posts then you know that we have a friend that has been keeping Bandit, our Blue Heeler, for the last 8 months. And then with this recent break in, we found a puppy locked in the house and we just couldn't give him up. So we have a friend of my mom's keeping him and we named him Bandit. The other thing is the A/C on the truck. It has been in the shop 3 times in the last 2 weeks and they can't get it fixed. I don't know what the problem is, but it just seems ridiculous that they can't find the problem. And with it being in the shop so much, our miles are sucking. So, these two things combined led us to call Prime and now we are going to become lease operators with them. We are scared to death, but we will get good support from them and some of their drivers that we know from Pumpkindriver and Primedriver so I feel that in the end, things will work out.

One good thing about the truck though is that we have been able to set it up for another team that we know to get our truck. Ours was an automatic and they had a manual and were really wanting an automatic so they have already gotten it assigned to them and I think that will work out great for them.

J is on his way home from dropping off the truck. We will be home tonight and then tomorrow we are going to stay with a friend who is going to take us to the bus station on Sunday morning. From there we will head to Springfield,MO to start the next chapter of our lives. Wish us luck!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Yet another cluster....

Yesterday morning I got up at 0530 so I could see my dad and Smokey off. Dad is taking Smokey to Lubbock where a friend of my Mom's is going to watch him until we can take him on the road with us. So I got up early, started getting things ready so we could head out. J got up around 0800 and we got busy. About 1100 we left the house and ran to Walmart to pick up a few things. Then we went to Stephanie's to drop Bandit off. Then we put ourselves available at 1150 and headed to the OC to fill up before they assigned us a load.

When we got to the OC, I got a call from Brian and Gayle (a Schneider team) and they were asking where we were. I told them we were in the fuel aisle. They were inside getting something to eat at the OC. So we filled up and headed inside. Both of us were showing available at noon and neither one of us had a load. So we sat there most of the day. We even sent a message at 1430 making sure we were showing available and they said we were. About 2200 Brian and Gayle got a load but they could pick up any time today so they stayed at the OC. Now it is 1330 on Monday, and we are STILL sitting at the Dallas OC and don't have a load. Our DBR sent a message stating that we were showing avail at 1200 today and they were starting to look for us a load. WTF? We called in and said, NO, we were available at noon YESTERDAY not today. Check the computer where we put ourselves available and then even called to make sure we were showing available. What a freaking mess. Then she said they couldn't give us layover pay because there was no record of us calling support shift. Now I'm starting to get hot. Luckily as I am calling in again, she sends a message that she sees the messages we sent. Good thing. She said someone must have had a brain fart. She thinks that maybe the support shift trip planner couldn't find us a load so he just pushed us out until noon today thinking we would get a better chance of a load. Well, did it ever occur to them to call us and let us know that they pushed us out? We are 45 minutes from our own bed. We could have gone home last night. ARGH!!! Finally get that straightened out and we are getting lay over pay now. But we are still sitting here with now load. This is more than a little frustrating.

Today we also talked to our recruiter at Prime. She said that everything looks good and that they are forwarding the applications to their Safety department. They have already checked with employers and did the background. So we are getting close to finishing the process with them. Maybe this fiasco is a sign that we need to switch companies. And combined with the puppy that showed up at our door...or in our house should I say....yeah, I think it is a sign.....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ready to hit the road again

Well, our vacation is almost over. Tonight is our last night at home so we are trying to get things rounded up. J went in and picked up the truck today and brought it back to the house so we can get it packed again. We had put it in the shop to TRY to get the A/C situation resolved. He said that it worked all the way home so we will find out tomorrow when we head out if it is actually fixed.

My Dad came to visit and we had a great time. Didn't really do anything but hang out at the house, but it was great. I don't get to see him much and it has been almost a year since I saw him last, so it meant a lot to me that he was able to drive up here and see J and I. If you read this Dad, I LOVE YOU and thank you for making the time to come see me. I miss you and it meant a lot to me. Next time I will come see you. :)

This morning I got up and took Smokey down to the vet and got him his first set of shots. The vet looked at his teeth and said he was about 11 weeks old. He also seemed to think he was probably a mix of Jack Russell Terrier and a Pit Bull. I talked to my Mom today and we worked something out as far as a place for Smokey to stay while we are gone. My mom is headed to Lubbock tomorrow (Monday) for a job interview on Tuesday. She is going to stay with a friend of hers there and if she gets the job, they will become roommates. Her friend Darlene has a dog and said that she would keep Smokey until either we could come and get him in a few weeks or until my mom gets the job and moves down there. In that case Mom will actually be watching over Smokey since she will be living there. Depending on what happens with Prime, I am hoping we can pick him back up in a month or less. But I am really happy that we got that situated and I will know that he is in good hands. He is a really sweet dog and a really loving dog. I think maybe it was a sign that he showed up when he did. Who knows....

Speaking of Prime, we should get a call back from them tomorrow. The recruiter called us back on Friday and we couldn't get to the phone but we called her back. Now we are just playing phone tag. Hopefully we will hear good news and then have a better timeline of how things are going to play out.

More from the road tomorrow....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ahhh the sound of silence

It is wonderful! Jessica and her two friends headed home on Tuesday along with two of Justin's friends. Then Justin and his remaining four friends left last night. It was a great long weekend, but it sure is nice to have the quiet back. My Dad is now on his way here. I am guessing he should be here within the hour. He lives in Lubbock,TX and left around 0630 this morning. It sure is going to be nice to see him and catch up.

We talked to a lady at Prime yesterday and she said that our recruiter that was working on our application said that she would contact us sometime today so we are just sitting around waiting. Not much else going on!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break with 10 teenagers....

Makes for a very very noisey house. Justin and Jessica (our kids) wanted to come out to the house over Spring Break and bring some friends. So we told them yes and now we have 10 teenagers from ages 16-19 here at the house. They are all good kids but after being in a truck with just you and your husband for a year, this sure is a lot of commotion! Right now they went on a "field trip" as they call it to go to the store to get more eggs for pancakes this morning. We are enjoying the quiet. LOL!!

Smokey is starting to fit in really well with us. The first night we left him in the bathroom with the door closed. He did fairly well and only whined a few times, but it was pretty loud. The second night we put him up on the bed with us and he slept the whole night cuddled up there with us. It was so cute! Then last night we put him on the bed again and at some point he jumped off and went into the closet and fell asleep on some clothes. I am really surprised at him because he didn't chew anything up. Actually he isn't chewing on much and when he does I tell him no and he stops and moves on. I think he may be pretty smart. He is also figuring out that his new name is Smokey which is cute. You can call his name and he looks up and cocks his head so he knows. Now we have to figure out what to do with him. I knew I shouldn't become attached to him, but I did and I just couldn't help myself. And it only took J about a day to start verbalizing his opinion. He is hooked on Smokey also. Now, what to do with him.

We can't take him with us in a company truck. So that means that if we keep him, we will have to figure out who can take care of him until we get our own truck. we aren't going to ask the girl that is keeping Bandit because she already has two of her own dogs and she just doesn't have to time to deal with a puppy who isn't potty trained. We are going to have to find maybe a foster family to take care of him or kennel him. It is all just going to depend on when we can get into our own truck. This brings up another delima.

We are really concerned with the way gas prices are going up. In some parts of the country it is up over 4.00 a gallon for diesel. We are wondering if we go with Schneider right now and get locked into a three year lease, is that a good idea with fuel prices? It doesn't seem like a good time to get locked into something. Because of this, we have been seriously looking at going over to Prime,Inc. They have a "walk away" lease. We can lease a truck from them and at any point, if we feel that we can't handle it or if gas prices become too high then we can walk away from the lease and not be penalized. We don't have the luxury with SNI. If we leased with SNI we would be locked in. So we have a lot to consider at the moment. We have talked to a lot of people at Prime and they are all very happy there and are still making good money even with the high fuel prices. They have given us a lot of insight to that company and I think that we may take the plunge and do it. If we do, we can be with them probably in less than two weeks. J and I both have this thing about always giving a two week notice to a job. You never know when you may have to go back and you don't want to burn your bridges. All of that being said, SNI is a WONDERFUL company to work for and it is a GREAT place to start for your training. If we didn't have pet issues and weren't so worried about fuel prices and being locked into a contract starting out, then we would be staying with SNI. But things change and we have to do what is best for us at the moment. I will keep you updated and we will see what happens.

So that is what is going on with us. My Dad is coming to visit this Thursday and maybe staying until Saturday or Sunday. I am really exicted because it has been quite a while since I have seen him!

More later!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Puppy thieves left behind-We named him Smokey

We already have a blue heeler named Bandit so we named this one Smokey. A little cheesey but it seemed appropriate. :)

Someone broke into our house...

And I am not happy about it. But first, to catch you up. We got a load from the Pilot we were at. Headed north 117 miles to Desoto,TX where we picked up at Walmart Dist Center and delivered to another Walmart DC in Hopkinsville,KY. From there they sent us to Henderson,KY to pick up a load of semi rear ends from Dana Corp and we took them to Laredo,TX. Luckily, we got a load out of Laredo and left this morning and dropped it as a relay at the Dallas OC. It was a load of buckets for John Deere tractors that has a final destination of Debuque,IA. We got it dropped and started clearing out the truck. Then we realized that there is no way we were going to get all of our crap in the suburban so we decided to head home and get the rest of the stuff out there and then take the truck in tomorrow morning.

Here is where it gets interesting. J heads to pick up Bandit and I head home in the truck. Our back door doesn't shut all the way sometimes so we leave a cinderblock against it. I move the cinderblock and walk into the laundry room and notice water on the floor. Great! A freaking water leak. As I continue to walk into the house I realize that some boxes are knocked over and the leak went into the den where the carpet is soaked and the sub floor is soaked. UGH. Then I notice a footprint on the rug that isn't mine. See, it is actually a piec3e of remnant carpet. Light blue. So because the bottom is all soaked, when you step on it, it turns dark blue from the water soaking up through the bottom. So I see the footprint and think, well hell, it looks like someone has been in here. I opened the bedroom door which is right off the den and sure enough someone had went through everything. Stuff pulled out from under the bed, the closets, everything. At this point, I realize we have definitely been broken into and leave the bedroom to check the rest of the house. TV is still there, computer and printer is still there, bedrooms are clear. I figured it was kids, so I check the fridge and all the alcohol is still there. What kids would toss a house and leave the alcohol? Anyway, don't find anyone in the house so the only place left to check is to check the master bath. Before I get there I can smell it. Shit. Actual shit is what I smelled. Hmmm Open the door and there is dog shit all over the floor, chewed up and torn up toilet paper EVERYWHERE, all the cabinet doors are open and in the bottom linen cabinet on the top shelf is a PUPPY! Yes, you heard me correctly. A puppy. This poor thing is hungry, I can see his little ribs. So I get him some food and call J to let him know what has happened. Of course, J, being the smart one, tells me to get my ass out of the house because I could have interrupted them. I really should know better considering the years I spend in LE but I really didn't think it just happened. Or that anyone would still be in the house. I mean, we have been gone for over three weeks. What are the chances that I would interrupt someone the moment I get back home? And the cinderblock was pushed up against the door from the outside and the front door was dead bolted from inside. So whomever was there had already been gone a while I think. Also, some of the dog shit in the bathroom was already dried. So it had been there for a while. I just don't understand why they left a dog. And the poor thing shut himself in the bathroom and couldn't get out to get any food so he was starving. Unless they shut him in there and left him with no food, but due to some other stuff being torn up, I really think that he shut himself in there.

I called the Sheriff's department (since we are in the county) and a deputy came out and made a report. Took some stuff that they had obviously handled. We have went through and noticed some other things missing. Two of my jewelry boxes, some tools of J's, etc. Luckily the jewelry that I have is all cheap stuff with the excepton of my wedding rings (original one and 10 year anniversary one) and I wear both of those. I am more mad about the actual jewelry boxes that are missing. One was a christmas present and the other was a gift from a friend when I was in her wedding. It had my initials engraved on it. Maybe they can get some prints off some stuff but I'm not holding my breath. We are going to check the pawn shops also to see if they pawned the stuff.

So that is what our day was like. I took a few pictures of the puppy they left behind and I will post them next.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grizzly Falls Rest Area-Glenwood Springs,Co

These were taken at Grizzly Falls Rest Area just east of Glenwood Spring,Co in Glenwood Canyon. This has got to be one of my favorite rest areas. The pictures just don't do is justice. The road through the canyon is built partially on pillars and it sets up above the river. This rest area is partially under the interstate. Beautiful area. This is where we parked and took a nap after we dropped the load in New Castle,Co and while we were waiting on the next load which was the Coors load we picked up in Golden,Co.

Eventful couple of days

But hopefully things are getting back to normal. Where did I leave off? Oh, we were on the side of the road. Well, here is what happened next....

Road Side Maintenance showed up from the TA and got us ALMOST all taken care of. He got the trailer air lines fixed, but it had also eaten through the ABS line so we had to take the truck on in to the TA shop about 25 miles up the road so he could get that fixed. So we get there and he gets it fixed. Lucky for us, the TA was 2 exits from where we were picking up so that worked out great. We made it to pick up and were able to get our load and head out. By this time it is after midnight. We head back to the TA so we could scale the load because it was showing almost 45,000 lbs. We were about 160 pounds (I think that was it) over on our drive axles. And at this point they were slid ALL the way back. I mean, if we slid the back tandems any further, they would have came out from under the trailer. Now when we did this, I had woke up at 0200 that morning and had about a 2 hour nap during the day and that was all. AND I was supposed to get up and start driving at 0300. Yeah, that wasn't happening. So we said screw it, parked and got some sleep. I got up at 0500, fueled and we moved the tandems up 6 notches, re-weighed and we were legal. NOTE: If they send you to pick up at Coors in Golden,CO and tell you to come in with a 1/2 tank of gas, try to do it. The reason is because the loads are heavy on the front end and that is what makes the load heavy on the front. With less fuel, you aren't as heavy on the drive axles.

Anywho, so we hit the road. This load was originally supposed to be in Temple,TX at 1500 on the 11th and no later because they close at 1500. Well, we knew the night before that we weren't going to make it on time, even if we drove straight through, because getting the other trailer fixed took too long. The earliest we could get it there would be maybe 1700 or so but that wouldn't work. That is why we decided to go ahead and park for the night at the TA. But I took off and drove us to Amarillo. Got there around 1530 hours. It is 429 miles from that TA in west Denver to Amarillo, for inquiring minds. J took over and drove about an hour and we stopped at a rest area for a bathroom break. Then I went to sleep and he drove ALL the way to Temple,TX from there without stopping. I don't know how men can do it. That was like 6 hours straight. My bladder just can't handle it! :) We pulled into a Flying J about 30 miles from destination and were going to park there for the night. No suck luck. Place was packed and trucks parked 3 deep. Sheesh. So we head down the road 3 more miles to a Pilot. We wanted to stop at the Pilot originally but the Flying J's usually have more parking. The Pilot was packed also, but we actually found a marked spot that was open and we grabbed it.

Our trip planner had moved our delivery time to 0800 today, so I set the alarm for 0630, got up, hit the bathroom and took off. We were only less than 30 miles from destination. I get off the interstate, hit Industrial St and get stuck at a rail road crossing. Looked at my GPS and it showed I was .7 miles from destination. We sat there for 45 minutes! Finally gotthe train moved and I made it to delivery at 0830. I let them know what was going on though so that we didn't get a service failure. I can't control the trains. And I was on track to be about 20 minutes early. Oh well....

So we got unloaded and I headed back to this Pilot that we stayed at last night. Grabbed our shower stuff and headed in. Found out that we had to wait almost an hour because there were 6 people ahead of us. I wasn't counting on that. I was thinking that it was mid-morning, so everyone that spent the night would be up early for a shower and then hitting the road, so we should get a shower right away. That is what I get for thinking huh? LOL Grabbed some lunch at Wendy's and killed some time. We had put that we would be available at 1300 because it said that we would have 3.5 hours sitting there getting unloaded and then we added a little more time to take a shower. We actually were finished and back at the truck at 1210. Now it is 1415 and we still don't have a load. So I am chilling out playing on the computer and J is in the back sleeping.

That is what is going on in my world. What's up in yours?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Trials and Tribulations

Ya know, if it wan't for bad luck.....

Pick up the truck on Sunday morning. They say it is fixed. Get a load heading to New Castle,CO, after sitting at the OC until around noon waiting for a load, so we head out. About 15 miles from the OC it is yeat again apparent that the A/C is NOT WORKING!!!! AARRGGGHHHH!!!!!!! What's a girl to do? Call and bitch, which I did. For all the good it did since no one of importance was there on a Sunday. Didn't have time to call back today because that is a whole other story.

So yesterday we head out of California and J gets me to mile marker 86 on I-70 in Utah. I didn't sleep for shit because of the mountains. Steeps suckers. So we get there to the rest area at MM 86 and take a nape for about 2 hours. I had to get up and be gone at 0300 because we had an 0800 appointment that I had to make over in Colorado. Made it with about 15 minutes to spare and that was after having to park the truck on the side of the road and walk to several businesses to see which one it was. Believe me, they were not places I wanted to pull in only to find out it was the wrong place because they were TINY. But after about a 1/4 mile brisk morning walk, I found my destination. There was already a truck getting unloaded (only 1 dock being used) and they got to me about 0830. I was done around 0930 and had my Mac saying I was available at 1030 local time because it said it would take 2.5 hours. So I decided to find a place to park until then. And I thought they may just see that I had departed the customer and go ahead and give me the next load. I found a rest area a few miles up the road and pulled in, put the Qualcomm in the bunk so I could hear it if it beeped, and I crashed. At 1400 J wakes up and we still don't have a load. So we turn around and go back into Glenwood Springs where I saw a place we could park the truck and grab something to eat. We sent Thom a message asking about a load and by the time we got back from eating, about 45 minutes, we had this load.

So we head out to Golden,CO to pick up a load from Coors. We make it to mile marker 241 on I-70 and the spring that holds the air lines up on the trailer broke. They were dragging on the ground and it work through the casing and we started losing air pressure. So now we are sitting on the side of the road, where we have been for an hour and forty-five minutes and we are waiting on whoever SEM sent out to show up so they can repair the air lines.

So you see, I swear if it wasn't for bad luck, I swear we wouldn't have any luck at all!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, this is like deja vu! Seems like we were just here. Wait, we were just here. We made it in today at 0844 local time and I had told them that we would be here at 0900 local time. So that was pretty close. You know how LA traffic is so it is just lovely dealing with it in the mornings. Amazingly enough though, it wasn't too bad.

Once we dropped the load off down in La Mirada we came back to the OC to get the truck in the shop. Had to wait a couple hours to talk to the shop manager because they were in a meeting and they wouldn't schedule us ahead of anyone else without his permission. They were saying that they couldn't get anyone in for an appointment for a few days so we had to get someone to push us up front and we finally got that done. They are supposed to have the truck ready for us at 1000 tomorrow so we will see if that happens.

Now we are sitting at the Ontario Airport Best Western watching TV and just chilling out. Here in a little while we are going to go to the restaurant right out front and I am going to order a big old steak, a baked potato and a salad. Yummy!! Maybe even have a few drinks since we aren't driving. Now THAT sounds like a plan!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


That is where I ended up today after leaving Kansas City,KS at 0300 this morning. For anyone wondering it is 629 miles if you cut across US 54. I didn't want to go across I-70 because you never know when it is going to snow and it is almost the same mileage cutting across to I-40 and it is a much smoother ride. Granted you go through more small towns, but they are pretty small and it doesn't really take up much extra time.

I told J this morning that he was going to have to get with the program and do some driving. :) When we were in Fontana a few days ago, I drove us in and then we did our restart. Then when we got the load to KC,KS I was the one who picked it up and headed out. He drove a shift and then I drove again and got us in there. Then we dropped and the next load wasn't ready so I drove us to the Petro. We stayed there and he drove us back to the shipper when the load was supposed to be ready, but it wasn't. It was ready right when my shift started so I drove us out of there. Now he is driving but I will be the one to get us into Fontana in the morning. So in three days, he will have driven 1000 miles to my 2000. Slacker. :) Nah, it is just the nature of the beast and sometimes it just happens that way. Besides, there will come a time where I get to be lazy. LOL

traveller99 and the hubby, just wanted to say "Howdy!" I hear you are addicted. hehe You know, it is really amazing how many people have started reading this. When I started this, it was really just so that J and I could look back in a year and see where all we had been. Then it kind of evolved into something else. I am just really happy that my ramblings are helpful to some people who are looking into a career on the road. We absolutely LOVE doing what we are doing. Friends and family all thought we had lost our minds when we decided to do this, and maybe they still think we still have lost it, but we have found our calling.

Stay tuned! You never know what tomorrow may bring!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kansas City,KS

Well, here is a quick update because I'm pooped and getting ready to head to bed.

While we were in Fontana, we took a 34 hour restart since the truck was in the shop. Got the PM B oil changed done and they were supposed to fix the A/C. Picked the truck up fron the shop Tuesday around noon but still didn't have a load. Finally got a load but it wouldn't be ready until 0200 so we hung out at the OC. Went to bed and got up at 0030 CA time, got fuel and headed to the pick up. Of course when we got there, they had it loaded, but it was in 2 of the short trailers and we don't pull doubles. So we had to wait another hour and a half for them to load it onto a 53' trailer. Got it done and headed out of there around 0430 CA time. By the time I hit the Arizona border mid-morning, it was apparent they didn't fix the A/C. Damn thing is blowing hot air again. ARGH!! I am not happy. This means we will be down AGAIN for them to fix it, and hopefully fix it correctly. :(

So we haul ass and make it to KC,KS and drop this load. End up getting a load outbound from the same place that we dropped at here in KC but it won't be ready until midnight. So we headed to a Petro and grabbed a shower and something to eat. The load is going back to the place that we picked up from in La Mirada,CA so we are just retracing our path that we just took. Talked to Tonya and she is having us bobtail back to the Fontana OC when we drop this load to get them to work on the A/C again. I already called when I found out it wasn't working and told them in a few choice words that I was not happy. Hopefully someone that knows what he is doing will work on it this time.

So that is all for now. About to go to bed while J watches a movie until it is time to go pick this load up. We will have to haul ass and will still be late. We are picking up at 0000 on the 6th and they want it to be delivered 1600 miles away by the 7th at 0600. Not sure if that is going to happen....

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Well, it appears we drove cross country and I didn't update this. Sorry about that. Ever time I was able to get online, either I kept dropping the signal or we were on a bumpy ass road and typing was about impossible. But we made it here in one piece.

You know how we were so exited to get a run to California? We were so happy to get this load that was headed here to Fontana. Two reasons actually. First, and most importantly, we were able to get out of the north. We have been up there since mid November so this was a very welcome run. We knew that in Fontana, we wouldn't have to use chains or a coat. Perfect. So let me tell you how our luck goes. Yesterday moring I got up and started driving in Oklahoma City. I drove us to the casino at Acuna,NM which is at mile marker 104 in New Mexico about an hour west of Albuquerque. As I am driving, it keeps getting hotter and hotter. Well, I am driving west, and towards the end of my shift, I am driving into the sun. I figured it was just that, and the fact that we have been cold for months, and that was the reason I was getting hot. At this point I have the A/C on high and all the way on cold. The air is luke warm. It is actually cooler outside where the temperature is reading 81. J gets up and make a remark about how he isn't sleeping because it is hot. As luck would have it, our A/C went out. Now, how is that for luck? Sometimes I think if it wasn't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all. Well, not really. We actually do have good luck, it is just things happen like this to us. As I always say, go with the flow....

The second reason that we are excited to come to Fontana is that we are looking forward to meeting one of the students that is in class. We met him on the other website we visit, and he was the one who was generous enough to send us the camera we are using to post pictures with. We will finally get to meet up and buy him that dinner that we promised him we would buy him whenever we were able to meet up. Since we are at the OC here in Fontana, we are going to have them fix the A/C and we are due an oil PM so we put ourselves available tomorrow morning. That way we can get all that done AND buy Mark dinner tonight. :)

So that is what we are up to right now. I am sitting in the OC and J is in the truck taking a nap until time for breakfast. Then a little later we will get the truck into the shop and a ride to the hotel when we can check in. I figured we would get the truck in the shop after breakfast because J really needs a little bit of sleep before they start messing with it. He gets grouchy if he hasn't slept. :)