Sunday, September 30, 2007

After a week of little sleep.....

I finally got a GOOD nights sleep last night. Could be that we were in the south and it was a flat road. Could also be that the road was actually smooth. Either way, I got good sleep and it was awesome. We are in Dallas headed to LA and will take I-20 to I-10 and that is a good road also so I will get some sleep tonight also. YAY ME!!!

We stopped at our house so I could check the mail on our way in to the Dallas area and then we stopped at our Dallas OC to fuel, get a shower and eat lunch. Now we are back on the road.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Headed West

Well, we finally left Indy around 2200 last night and I got some sleep. When J woke me up at 0430 it was WAY too early. But I didn't have a choice since he drove past 0300 into my drive time. He didn't start driving until we left Indy so he was no where near running out of hours but we try to stay on our schedule as much as possible. Anywho, so I get up and we are almost in Chattanooga so I drive from there the last 150 miles or so to Mcdonough,GA where I drop off the load. I picked up an empty trailer there and drove another 150 miles to Beech Island,SC where I picked up this load we currently have. Then I drove back about 30 miles to a rest area on the west side of Augusta,GA where we switched and now J is driving again. I didn't get but about 370 miles today, but I had to spend some time and one consignee and then at the shipper for this load so that took up a good two hours. Plus I also had to stop and fuel. So we are headed to the Los Angeles area with this load. My GPS is routing us up to I-40 and over even though I-20 ( which we are on ) runs right into 10 in western Texas and that runs right into LA. There is only about a 10 mile difference and it is routing us through the mountains on I-40. Forget that, we are taking the southern route I-20 to I-10. We can make better time since it is a flatter road and less mountains.

Now I am getting ready to go to bed. I have averaged about 5-6 hours sleep the past 3-4 nights in a row and that is not near enough beauty rest for me. I need a good 7-8 hours. If not then J calls me Satan. :) Momma gets a little grouchy if she is tired.

Friday, September 28, 2007

If it isn't one thing....

it will be another. Some days are just like that. Truck has been running good after all the work although I still think we need a new seat because it is worn and still makes us lean to the right. But today it was the trailer we had problems with. We left out of Neenah,WI heading towards GA. I was drving. The brakes were making a noise but we could only hear it inside, and not outside (granted the truck was running). I didn't notice anything during pre-trip. I DID notice though that it was hard for me to stop. To the point that going through Chicago and Indy where there is a lot of construction, I had to rely on the engine brake along with the service brake in order to stop. And I was pushing pretty darn hard on the service brake. So we get to Indy and the first place we go, after we fuel, is to the estimator. He initially thought it was a brake chamber because when I released the brakes and put it in drive and stepped on the brakes, you could hear a leak at the back of the tractor. So he told us to go drop the trailer and come back around and we would try to figure out which brake chamber it was on the tractor. So we drop the trailer, come back around and it isn't doing it. Now we are thinking maybe it was the trailer. So we go get another trailer, hook up and check that one and it is fine, so we hook back up to our trailer and it still does it. There is some kind of leak at the nose of the trailer where the airlines go in. Wierd. And the trailer is due for a PM. So now we are sitting in the Indy OC waiting on it to get fixed. I hope it doesn't take too long. When we drop this off in GA around 0600 tomorrow morning, we already have a load in SC waiting for us to pick up going to LA and I don't want to miss out on that one. Something like 2498 miles. Sweet....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Make sure you can park overnight.....

....before you park overnight.

So last night we stopped at a small, and I mean small, truck stop. It was really more like a place to fuel and then you had room for 5-6 trucks. We were somewhere around Winston-Salem and I think we were on 421. Anyway, we stop around 2200 or so because we were going to be going up some mountains, it was dark, we hadn't driven that way before and I can't sleep worth a damn going up and down mountains. We have PLENTY of time on this load, so we decided to stop for the night and I would get up and leave this morning. I am better driving over mountains than I am sleeping through them. J just crashes in the bunk and doesn't even notice the mountains. The turns and braking and the engine noise, or lack thereof if you are flying down a hill, just mess with me and I get no sleep. Anyway, we get to this little place, go in and go to the restroom and grab a burrito and a bag of chips, come back to the truck and chow. Then we pop in a movie and I am asleep about 10 minutes into the movie. J says up until 0300 and watches another one after that movie finishes. Yesterday I was up driving at around 0500 so when we stopped last night, I was done in. Well, at 0415 (0515 local time) someone is banging on our door. I am thinking WTF? So I go open the window and there is a lady there saying that it is 0500 and we have to leave. She is telling ALL the trucks this as she makes her way down and bangs on everyones door. I am not happy to say the least. Lets just say that I am not a morning person to begin with, even though I drive in the mornings. I am ok as long as I don't have to converse with anyone for about an hour. :) So the banging wakes J up so we head inside to go to the restroom and as we head back I see a note on the door. Plain as day it says you can only park until 0500 and at that time you will have to leave. How the hell did we both miss this big sign the night before? Or should I say a few hours earlier?? I wasn't as pissed after I saw that sign and realized it was our fault, well, was still pissed, but more at us for not noticing that sign than at the lady for waking us up. J heads back to bed, I get my log done and I head out. Iam headed north on I-77 from Winston-Salem up through the Virginia's. This is one windy-ass (as in lots of turns) road. A lot of the road is marked 55 for trucks and some of the turns are even marked at slower speeds. Each time I travel the same stretch of road, it gets easier because I know what to expect and I will get a little braver. I drove part of this road before but just from I-81 sb on I-77 so I had a lot more of I-77 today. Went up Fancy Gap which isn't bad, considering I drove down it the first time I was on that road about 5 months ago when we were on our first outing by ourselves. Anyway, I was going pretty dang slow. I thought I was probably holding a lot of other trucks up, but only a few passed me and a lot stayed behind me so I guess I was going about the speed everyone else was. I will be a little faster next time I'm sure, but I am still not crazy about driving in the mountains in a semi. I would rather have my Suburban for mountain driving. It doesn't lean like the big truck does! But give me Arizona or Texas where it is flat for hundreds of miles, and I will open this big orange truck up to a whopping 67 mph!!

We are almost to Indy and our drop is up in Neenah,WI. We have to stop and fuel up here but we only have 394 miles to destination so we should be there around midnight. Now, where will they send us next??

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On the road again....

Reminds me of that Willie Nelson song. Anyway, we headed our of Dallas yesterday around mid-day and we dropped off about an hour ago in Statesville,NC. Now we are heading to Charlotte,NC to pick up an empty trailer to take to Greensboro,NC to exchange for a loaded trailer that we are taking to Neenah,WI. Luckily this load we are picking up is not high value and not expedited so we don't have to be rushed. We do have to pick it up by 2000 hrs tonight so we have to shower and get the empty trailer picked up pretty quick so we can get started towards Greensboro.

While we were at home, we bought a Lunchbox Cooker. This thing is awesome. You can cook just about anything in it. Yesterday and today we stuck a big can of soup in there, let it cook for about an hour (the cooker gets to 300 degrees) and then we opened it up and ate. We bought the soup with the pull top lids so we don't have to have a can opener. Then today, after it was hot, we put bread in the bottom, let it cook (toast) and added cheese and had grilled cheeses with our soup. I am really impressed with this cooker. There is even a cookbook that has a bunch of recipes for this Lunchbox cooker. You would be amazed at what you can cook in this thing! So if you are looking into changing careers and driving a truck, you have got to check this cooker out. Most any truck stop will have it.

Well, that is all for now. We just took the exit for Charlotte OC so I have to grab us some clothes and our shower stuff.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I love my bed

And I really miss it when we are on the road! Just wanted to say that.

Last night we went and met some friends in Fort Worth down in the Stockyards for Wolf Dance which was a concert put on by a local radio station. Ten bands/performers mainly Texas Country but Jack Ingram closed the concert. It was a GREAT concert. After that we went to Love Shack and grabbed a burger and then went to the White Elephant for more drinks. We got a hotel for the night because we weren't going to drive almost 2 hours back to our house. This morning we got up and checked out of the ridiculously expensive hotel we stayed in and headed up to Richardson and met three other friends and two of their little ones for lunch at Applebee's and then we headed home. Now we are vegging out on the couch trying to get motivated to get the rest of the stuff packed so we can leave in the morning. We have Winter Training at 1000 hrs at the Dallas OC and we have to see if we can get the truck in for a PM. It seems like we are always getting a PM but we are supposed to get the oil changed every 25,000 miles and that is about every 5-6 weeks. Crazy..... More later.....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Answers for Larry...

Hi Larry! Let's see what I can do to answer your questions. About the seats. Our personal vehicle is an 04 Suburban. The truck seat is more comfortable than our Suburban. (As long as then seat cushion is not worn down.) The seat has 3 lumbars for the back. Two arm rests and in total the seat can be put in something like 20 different positions with all the different ways it moves. Once you get the seat figured out and find the position that is comfortable for you, you can easily drive 500-600 miles and be comfortable the whole time. The only time our backs have hurt was when the truck was leaning due to a shim (see some previous posts of mine about that) being wrong.

What Schneider does as an incentive to not idle, meaning they are saving money on gas, is to give you a bonus if your idle for the quarter is under a certain percentage, something like 15% (not exactly sure). The bonus is based on how many miles you run that quarter and could be, I don't know, $400-600 maybe. Well, what my husband and I have decided, is that I give up my bonus so that we can idle. It doesn't matter which one of us gives it up since it all goes into the same bank account. When we are stopped and idle, we switch the Qualcomm over to me, so it idles under my name therefore my percentage goes up, and not his. When you spend the summer mainly hauling freight in the South from Laredo,TX to Los Angeles, CA no amount of bonus money is worth sweating your ass off at night. :) Besides, being a team, you can run a little harder one week, get in an extra run, and the money from that one run would equal the bonus money so it is easy to make up and not worth the hassle of doing without just to get it. Does that makes sense?

Keep the question coming! I love being able to help anyone looking to switch careers to driving a truck. A lot of people answered my questions when we were getting started and I know what a huge help it is in making the decision whether to take that leap or not!

Friday, September 21, 2007

It has been a while since I posted. I posted yesterday to answer CityMouse but it has been a while before that. We have been really busy. After Ohio we took a load to Houston. Then from there we picked up over by Beaumont and went to Laredo,TX. From Laredo we got a load going to LA and then from LS we got a load coming back to Texas. Now we are sitting at home and will head back out on Monday afternoon.

So that is really all that has been going on with me. I will add more to this come Monday afternoon when I know where we will be heading. We have winter training at 1000 Monday morning and put ourselves available at 1300 hrs so we should get something that afternoon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Answers for CityMouse

City, thanks! I am glad you are enjoying it and I am glad you are finding it useful. None of the trucks that Schneider has will allow a fridge. The actual mini fridges take too much power and Schneider only will allow a certain size inverter, 180 watts I think, and that is too small. We do have two separate 12 volt plug in coolers. One is a Coleman (tan in color) and you will see it at most truck stops and a Koolatron (plug in also - to the cigarette lighter) that is gry with a whi top and a maroon handle that you can also find at most truck stops. The Koolatrol is a little smaller but by far cools much better. They make a larger one now that we are going to go purchase. Also the microwaves pull too much power so they are a no-go also. Now if you had your own truck, you could buy a much larger inverter and hardwire it to the battery and easily have a mini-fridge and microwave. We are hoping to buy our own truck sometime this coming year. Also so that we can take our little dog with us. They don't allow pets either. With the two coolers you can get enough food for two people for about a week. You will have to re-supply after that.

You can excercise if you put your mind to it and just make it part of your routine. You won't really have room for any weights in the truck travelling as a team, so my advice on that would be WALK WALK WALK. Every chance you get, get out and walk. That alone will help tremendously. I am 5'2" and weighed 130 when we started in February. Now I am at 145. Yikes! All because I don't walk near enough and we eat too much fast food because we are always in a hurry and don't make the time to re-stock on supplies. But it can be done, you just have to make sure you do.

Storage-you would be surprised at how much storage you actually have in these trucks. We have so much that we aren't using we are going to take some out when we get home this weekend because we just don't need it. But there really is a LOT of room to store things.

Bathroom-This is a touchy subject with a lot of people. We try to always stop at a rest area or a truck stop to go to the bathroom. We prefer rest areas for any stop other than fuel because it is so much faster to get in and out of them. Anyway, there will still be times when you have to go and there is not a bathroom nearby. Times like this, a 44oz cup from any truck stop or fast food place comes in really handy. You gotta do what you gotta do. Not an easy task for a woman, but you learn. It's a lot easier for a guy. :) Now, the important thing to that is to properly dispose of it! Next time you get to a rest area or truck stop, take the cup, flush the contents, and throw the cup away. So many other people just throw these on the highway and parking lots and it's disgusting!

I think that answered your questions for now. Please ask any others that you may have. I am more than hapy to help where I can!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Level 3 DOT Inspection

Yep, finally got pulled into a weigh station for an inspection. Well, J did at any rate. I was asleep. :) He said there were a ton of people there and it looked like they may have been training a bunch of recruits. He was stopped over in Deming,NM by the State Patrol. Of course we had everything in order. J said that when he was in the office there, one of the Troopers made a comment about another drivers logbook (the driver was parking and hadn't made it inside yet.) Said he saw him trying to update it as he was pulling in. Everything showed like 11 hrs driving, 10 hr break, 11 hrs driving, 10 hr break. No stops for breaks, no fuel stops, nothing. I have a feeling that driver probably got a few tickets if not put out of service for 24 hours. LOL!!

Right now we are in Oklahoma. Our load is due tomorrow by midnight in Ohio. I told them we would be in around noon but I am going to have to readjust that and let them know it will be more like 1700-1800 hrs. J didn't get a lot of driving in yesterday because he was exhausted. And today I didn't get up and get on the road until about 0630 which is late for me so I didn't get the miles in that I wanted to. We are having a hard time getting back in the swing of things after that week off in LA. We definitely got a little too lazy and need to kick it in gear.

I'm also starving. I had a good sized salad around 1400 and that was all I have had today. No, I take that back, about an hour after that I had about a 1/3 bag of M&M's. I don't eat a lot on the road but I am gaining weight. I think it is because I sit on my ass all day. Not a good sign. And what sucks is I have NO willpower. I LIKE to eat. I really don't know what I am going to do but I have to do something. It would be really nice if we had a larger fridge and a microwave in the truck so that we could eat a larger variety of things and keep more options in the truck that are healthy. UGH! C'est la vie.......

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ohio here we come

Today I have had a headache that just won't go away. ARGH!

Made it in to Oxnard around midnight last night. J got us to the consignee and we dropped off the load and had to wait there for a couple of hours to get another one. Got the next one and headed to the LA Maintenance yard to pick up and empty to take to our pick up. I got up when we got the the Maintenance yard and started driving there. Drove to the shipper and picked up our load and then headed to Fontana to the OC to fuel up and shower. Grabbed some breakfast, they make excellent breakfast burritos there, and then grabbed two huge salads, two big to go bowls of mixed fruit and a chicken salad wrap. We always get some of that to go from there because they make it fresh every morning and the portions are huge. Anyway, so I took off driving from there around 1045 or so. Made it to Havasu City,AZ where I am currently sitting at around 1445. Stopped here until around 1800 tonight. J didn't get much sleep with us stopping and showering and stuff. And I don't want him driving until he has had some decent sleep. He will still probably get in about 500 miles if he gets gone by 1830 and drives until 0300. Now I know what you are thinking. It will take that long to go 500 miles? Remember we are in a truck that is governed at 67 so we don't make anywhere near as good of time as someone in there personal car makes. :) We are headed to Findlay,OH and should be there around lunchtime on Friday. It is a little over 2200 miles from where we left in LA. If we can get a decent run out of there on Friday, like back to California, then we should have over 5500 miles for the week. So we will see what happens.

So that is what is going on today. Now I am going to close this up and walk across the parking lot in the 109 heat so I can go to the bathroom.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Not much to report today. Got up at 0430 and took off by 0515 from Ft Stockton,TX and drove to Tucson,AZ. Rained most of the way through Texas and into New Mexico. Yuck. Finished driving and we got something to eat at the TTT Travel Center just outside of Tucson then I jumped in the back. Now I am about to go to bed because I am wore out. More later!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Coming to Laredo to drop a trailer is like trying to catch a greased pig. It isn't an easy experience. So we arrive yesterday in Laredo at the OC at 1545 hours. Get our trailer inspected and come in an park. It shows we have an appt time of 0005 hrs (which is already setting off warning bells) and that it is a live unload. Well, we have already received our next load so we go to see if we can drop the load and grab the next one (which is supposed to be at the OC) and then we can head out. No luck. They won't let us relay. So we bobtail down to where we are delivering after we grabbed something to eat so that we would know where we were going. We get there and it is closed up. There is a sign on the gate that says M-F 0900-1700. GREAT! So we head back and check in again at the services desk and he says we will have to wait until in the morning and then deliver. UGH! Well, turns out not to be a big deal because the trailer we are supposed to pick up is still over in customs in Mexico and won't even be in until sometime today. Fine. So we go do laundry, get some sleep, then get up early and head over to deliver around 0630 to park on the street out front so we will be first in line to get unloaded. 0830 rolls around and I get up and go check in and they tell me I am at the wrong place. I am at the address that my paperwork says I should be at. Come to find out, the company that I am delivering to MOVED facilities about 4 months ago and we still have the old address on file. OK, head back to the OC and start making MORE calls. Ends up that I still have to deliver but we get a good address. Just as we are getting ready to head out, the computers go down and they aren't letting anyone out of the gate. Can this get any better?? So we go inside, get the company car, go grab some lunch, run to the NEW and CORRECT location to find it, then come back to the OC. By this time, the computers are working and they are letting us out. So we head out, get to the consignee and he says that I have an appointment on the 14th! Today is the 10th!! But luckily he was the contact person they talked to this morning when I called in and he knew what was going on. He let me go ahead and come in and drop the trailer and I didn't have to wait for them to unload. That makes me happy. So we drive back to the OC and I go back to the Services Desk and have them track my trailer. Luckily it has made it here from Mexico and off I go in search of it. Find it, hook up and J decides screw it, he is taking a nap. It is his turn to drive and he has been up most of the day with me trying to get this cluster figured out. Now he is inside taking a shower, I took one a little earlier while he was asleep, and we will fuel up when he is done and head out. This load is supposed to be in Oxnard tomorrow by midnight. We will be pushing it to make it there. We would have plenty of time if we could have dropped this earlier load at the OC and not had to waite 18, yes, 18 hours to deliver it!!! I will probably have to send in a Mac and have them push delivery time out a little to make sure we can make it. That is my adventures for the last two days. Hopefully the next two will be better!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Unplanned Detour through Missouri

And have determined that I am too old for physical labor! After unloading all of those boxes yesterday, I can barely move my arms over my head, or straighten them out, and climbing in and out of the truck is pure torture! Guess that is a sure sign that I need to get in shape!

Today went well up until about 1445 hours. I was cruising south on Hwy 71 in Missouri when they detour us off of the road. Apparently there had been some heavy rains and flooding and the highway was shut down because of water over the road. So I turn and follow another semi and there is a line of cars behind me. Well, semi turns on a county road behind some other cars so we all follow ASSUMING they know where they are going. Hell NO they don't. So we are going WB from Hwy 71 and they all turn right, which is SB, so that is the way we are going. We, myself and the vehicles behind me) follow for about 5 miles. At this point, I lose sight of the semi and other traffic because the speed limit is 55 and I am doing about 50-60, depending, because this is a county road, BARELY wide enough for two semis to pass each other and when one does pass, one of the tandems is in the dirt. So we come to a T intersection. Decision time. I can't go straight because I can see water over the road about 100 yards up. If I go right, that is away from the highway and there is a rise so I can't see if the other vehicles went that way. So I go left knowing that I am running parallel to Hwy 71 and need to go back left to get to it. Well, about 100 yards down, I see a sign that says "Road closed to thru traffic" WTF?? So I put my hazards on and stop, truck behind me is stopped about 50 yds behind me because he sees the sign also. A Chevy comes around and passes us and keeps going, then comes right back and tells us we can't go that way because the water is about 4 FEET over the road. Just fucking great!! The Chevy guy and his wife have a map out and they tell us that if we turn around and follow the road we are on the other direction (which would have been to take a right at the intersection) that it would take us to Hwy 43 which runs into Joplin on the North side and will take us back to I-44. SO.... There is a property along the road on the south side of the road (our right) that has a driveway big enough to use to turn around. But it we back into it, it will be blindside. So the other driver behind me backs up WAY past that drive way and then I back up past the driveway. Then I pull in to the drive and can back out and back to the drivers side. So I get turned around, and am now facing the other driver. I keep backing up and give him room to pull in to the drive way and then back out. Now, he is in front and I am following him. And he BARELY made that turn around because he has a really nice extended sleeper. He did an awesome job of getting it turned around. So luckily we stick together for another 7-8 miles down this road until we come to Hwy 43 and we tell each other thanks and to be safe out there. NOW, you want to hear the moral of this story? If you are ever forced to take a detour in an area you don't know because a POLICE OFFICER/FIRE FIGHTER tells you the road is closed, stop in the middle of traffic, get a pen and paper, and have him or her tell you how the fuck to get where you need to go since they are the ones rerouting you!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Back in the saddle again...

It feels good to be back on the road and in our truck! Right now it is 0630 Friday morning and I am sitting behind a K-Mart in Menomonie,WI waiting to get unloaded. I have a 0700 appt and got here a little early. I have two more stops on this run. One in Eau Claire,WI and the other in Chippewa Falls,WI. Kinda funny, I was watching Titanic this past week while we were in the hotel. At one point someone, I think it was Mr Astor, asked if he is part of the Massachusetts Dawsons (or something like that) and he said no he was part of the Chippewa Falls Dawson's. Just struck me funny....

Anyway, fast forward to the end of the day. Made all three stops and I am exhausted. Finished by 1245 at all three stores. However all three were HAND unloads. And the truck was full of boxed artificial Christmas Trees. Everything from 4 ft to 9 ft. The first two stores I unloaded by myself, but I woke Joe up for the third and last one. My arms were worn out. Of course he called me stubborn (which I am) and told me I shouldn't have done that by myself. But if I hadn't, no telling how long we would have been at each store. You can bet that I called in to make sure that we got pay for unloading and also that we had the stop pay for each stop. You see, we drive team, and it is supposed to be 99% no touch freight, and I guess this was the 1% that we had to touch it. I don't mind because it was good physical work and I need that after sitting all of the time. I just wish I had known before I got there that I was going to be working my ass off. So now it is off to bed to recover....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I forgot to mention that they had an earthquake here on Saturday morning! We were in the hotel when it happened. Our room was up on the 3rd floor. J was in the shower and I had just got out of the shower and was sitting on the bed watching TV. All of a sudden the bed started shaking. My first thought was it felt like a maid rolling the cart by outside the room. Then it got a little louder and the bed and whole room started visably shaking! Freaked me out. I hear J yell from the bathroom "What is that?" and I jump up and run in the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel and say "EARTHQUAKE!!" It wasn't quite a yell, but you could tell I was a little freaked out. J said "Holy crap" ok, well, not those words exactly. Apparently the center was in Lake Elsinore which was maybe 20 miles away. It registered a 4.7 and they said on the news that night that it was felt as far away as 50 miles. DAMN!! I am a Texas girl. I am used to tornadoes, not earthquakes. Just two weeks ago when we left LA they had one, literally like 10 hours after we left. Then a few days after that we were coming back, and as we crossed the CA/AZ border I heard on Fox news that LA had another one. Both of those were like a 3.1 and a 3.5 and this was a 4.7! So they are getting bigger. I am glad that our truck is fixed and that we will be heading out in the morning. With them getting bigger and bigger, I am afraid that the "BIG ONE" is going to hit sometime soon. I just want to make sure I am safely back in Texas, or anywhere that is NOT California, when it happens! This is a nice place to visit, and I loved going to the beaches, but you couldn't pay me enough money to live in this state!!

Got our truck back!!

FINALLY!! Called Freightliner Body Shop today and they said that our truck was ready. Apparently there was a shim on the left (drivers side) that was too big and it was raising that side up to far causing the right (passenger side) to lean. After two months of telling people something was wrong, we finally found the right person that knows what to look for and he fixes it. What kills me is that is was a SIMPLE fix. If only they knew what to look for, the OC's could have fixed it. But all is well that ends well. YAY!!!

So right now I am sitting in the cafeteria at the OC here in Fontana where we just finished doing what little laundry we had to do. We also stopped at Fiesta Foods and got a few groceries. They didn't have anything really healthy there! LOL! It is a store that is targeting the hispanic population. They had a TON of food that looked delicious, but we are trying to eat healthier and mexican food is not the healthiest. Although it is my favorite. **sigh**

J is out in the truck getting the last of our stuff organized. He kinda kicked me out because there isn't a lot of room for both of us to be in there trying to put stuff up. If he wants to be domestic, then I will let him. :) He is pretty good at it. I did write out a bunch of post cards and I am going to send them out when I walk out the door. Also have to remember to get us some salads from here to take with us. They make the best salads here at the Fontana OC. And the cold sandwiches in the cooler are really good too. So I will probably grab a couple of those.

Not much more to report today. I am just so happy to have our truck back so we can make some money. It was great sitting here in LA for basically a week being lazy and doing the tourist thing, but now it is time to get back to work.